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  • Create a free online account and start screening job applicants right away. That's what makes TransUnion ShareAble different. Did you know that other online employment background checking websites make you apply to be their customer? And they usually charge you a fee to apply? And make you speak with someone or upload a bunch of business documentation? What a hassle! That it can take days from when you sign up until you can actually run a background check on the person you want to hire? Hope you didn't miss out on that hire.
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  • Don't settle for 2nd rate reports when you make your hiring decision. You get reports that leverage TransUnion data. Huge database of 230 million credit histories and 370 million criminal records. You get key reports delivered to you: Criminal Background, Identity Report, Credit Report (where allowed).
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  • Sign up online and screen now! You get an employment background check delivered at near-instant speed. All in just a few minutes, you can make a more informed hiring decision. Don't lose your new hire because of delays in background check reporting, and get back to running your real estate business.