Real Estate Agent Benefits of Home Warranty Coverage

Choice Home Warranty

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  • Home Warranty Facts
  • Knowing the benefits of a home warranty will help you to protect your clients and add value to their home purchase or listing. However, there are also many great benefits to real estate agents working with Choice Home Warranty.
  • Benefits to Buyers Agent
  • A home warranty policy acts as security in the event of a costly repair. With Choice Home Warranty, you maintain your monthly home warranty plan and, when services are required, you pay a $75 Service Call Fee which does not change based on the cost of repair or replacement. As an alternative to the high retail costs of maintaining or replacing household items, having a plan is the smart choice.
  • Benefits to Listing Agent
  • The benefits of including a home warranty plan in your client’s sale is:
  • Insulates against breakdowns occurring during listing period
  • Happy sellers more willing to send referrals Removes any possibility of financial loss to you, as listing agent
  • Again, clients purchase with confidence and feeling of security
  • Your listings enjoy preferred status, due to decreased buyers’ liability
  • Added coverage, further justifies seller’s asking price
  • Allows for clean sale, with no post-sale issues related to broken appliances or faulty home systems
  • How does a Buyer Benefit?
  • Surprise repairs or replacements are the last thing your clients need on their mind after purchasing a new home. The period after closing can be a particularly vulnerable time for their finances. Whether they are a first-time buyer or a long-time homeowner, buyers can feel at ease with coverage from Choice Home Warranty knowing that costs of repairs for covered appliances and systems will be taken care of.
  • How does a Seller Benefit?
  • A Choice Home Warranty is a powerful way to help your clients sell their home. Did you know that homes with home warranties often sell for an average of $2,300 more and 11 days faster than homes without home warranty coverage?¹ Home warranty coverage can save your clients time, money, and frustration. A home covered by a home warranty is more attractive to prospective buyers, and in a competitive real estate market, this could give your listing the edge that you need. Choice Home Warranty can also protect your client's home against repairs and replacements during the listing period. This can help your sellers avoid any unexpected repair issues holding up the closing, and provide your buyers with peace of mind.