The RE/MAX "Guide to Buying and Selling"

Skyways Media

Why us

  • An unmissable offer
  • A zero-cost, high quality customized publication for your company. This Guide to Buying, Selling & Renting property is beautifully designed, packed with genuinely appreciated content, and unique to you and your location. You get versatile digital and physical versions, for the ultimate in no cost, powerful marketing.
  • Benefits to You
  • Let’s start with the obvious – it costs you not one cent. Your real estate customers will LOVE it – and potentially pass it along - as it contains a great deal of valuable information. It also: • Helps you gain a competitive advantage. • Shows how informative, authoritative and helpful you are. • Demonstrates your local knowledge. • Engages customers from first point of contact • Attracts affiliates keen to fund it and be part of this exciting marketing initiative. • Offers you an affiliate launch opportunity. • Enhances your website and emails.
  • Is it effective?
  • 100% positive independent reviews on Trust Pilot reinforce how successful this guide is in helping RE/MAX companies achieve marketing goals! For example: “This is the second time our firm has partnered with Skyways. Their product is excellent, and they do a terrific job in working with you to create high quality information about your firm or services.” “As a RE/MAX broker-owner, the buyer and seller guides they created for us are awesome! Very high quality and our affiliated partners love being co-branded with my brokerage.” This video testimonial (LINK) also shows why it’s so heavily recommended. Or, evaluate a sample copy (LINK), and see for yourself what a superb marketing tool this is!
  • Why Skyways Media?
  • Another spontaneous review on Trust Pilot reports we were “super easy to work with and made every change I asked for.” That’s because we are now global leaders in the production of high-quality guides for the service sector. It started with becoming the world’s number one producer of empathetic guides for funeral homes. Then, we began offering our expert team of researchers, designers, content writers and digital marketing professionals to real estate firms.
  • Easy to commission
  • Our team make it easy to progress your own customized (zero-cost) guide, including gathering local insights to use. We secure the funding, from local affiliate organizations keen to be involved. We then show you how to launch the physical guide, and how to embed the digital version into your website and emails too.
  • What do you have to do?
  • Simply contact us to start a conversation on the first steps to producing your own, branded, localized guide to buying, selling and renting property as a RE/MAX company. No financial outlay is needed – just your time working in partnership with us, customizing the guide brilliantly to your brokerage. Then……enjoy the kudos this guide affords you! As part of our approved supplier partnership with RE/MAX, Skyways Media is a highly active supporter of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals charity.