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Why us

  • Direct Mail. Simplified.
  • Difficult. That’s the general opinion of sending effective direct mail. PostNow simplifies small mailings for real estate agents by giving you easy options and all the support of a professional direct mail expert through our support channels.
  • Order Your Way - Online, Email, Text or Phone!
  • Our online direct mail campaign builder is AWESOME! But we know it is not for everyone. Order your direct mail campaign the way that works for you - online or over email, phone and even text message. Your account manager is able to prepare your campaign regardless of how you order.
  • Access the 40% Canada Post Discount:
  • RE/MAX has negotiated the best available discount for direct mail marketing across Canada. And when you order through PostNow, you will receive the discount automatically! No paperwork, no contract and agreement numbers to remember.
  • Send All 3 Mail Types
  • 95% of agents that mail use Neighbourhood Mail. It just works. But more and more agents are finding successful strategies utilizing Personalized Mai (addressed) and the newest option, Postal Code Targeting. PostNow is the only platform in Canada that lets you order all 3 online.
  • Target Individual Condo Buildings
  • Use the online Postal Code Targeting (PCT) tool to build direct mail campaigns that allow you to target individual 6-digit postal codes. That lets you target clusters of 15-20 houses or individual condo towers or blocks (depending on addressing). Many real estate agents use this to target high-value apartments and condo owners where accessing the building is very difficult. Watch our videos on how to execute a Canada Post PCT Campaign
  • Fast, 5-day turnaround!
  • Your market moves fast, so your marketing needs to move fast too! Campaigns ordered online can be designed, targeted, printed and delivered to Canada Post within 5 business days! Reach prospects faster when you use PostNow.