The Original Magnetized Agent Calendar

Melco Marketing, Inc.

Why us

  • RE/MAX Magnetic Agent Calendar
  • This is the most effective farming/marketing tool an agent can give to a client or prospect. It builds a personal bond between you and the recipient that lasts a long time. It is a true gift that is used, not just a giveaway that is often discarded. Clients support a company that gives them a useful gift. Similar items retail for over $10 in office supply and specialty stores. Magnetic Agent Calendar Includes: 8.5 x 11″ Vinyl Pad 13 months Dec-to-Dec Large Boxes for Writing Magnetized (perfect for fridge) Julian Dates Refillable Free Seasons Greetings Sheet Die and Set-Up Envelopes Delivery To The Agent “Call Me” Messages each Month
  • RE/MAX Monthly Planner
  • A great farming/marketing tool to keep your name visible all year long. A professional monthly planner that can be used at home or on the road. A very high perceived value at a price you can afford. Monthly Planner Includes: 8.5 x 11″ Wire-Bound Book 14 Months – Dec-to-Jan Large Planning Blocks Famous Quotes each Month Full Yearly Reference each Month Phone Address Section Amortization Page “Call Me” Message each Month Free Envelopes Set Up and Imprinting Shipping and Handling