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Why us


  • Why Direct Mail?
  • 92% of Canadians say they read direct mail and 79% of Canadians save Direct Mail received in their mailbox. A single direct mail piece can live well beyond the day of delivery. When people receive a relevant item in the mail, they’ll keep it, display it, and even share it with others. That makes direct mail an ideal channel for building repeat and referral business. Top agents use it throughout the year to tell their story and keep their brand awareness strong. Please download content below on Marketing Solutions for Real Estate.
  • How do I get the 40% Discount on Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail?
  • RE/MAX affiliates must create an online business profile (1 time set up only) using the existing RE/MAX corporate customer number, corporate agreement number and corporate postal code. Once your username and password are linked to the RE/MAX corporate account, then you can sign into the Canada Post page and start using their booking tools. Please download content for instructions and to find RE/MAX corporate information to create your profile.
  • Precision Targeter
  • CANADA POST’S PRECISION TARGETER™ Finding the buyers and sellers that you most want to target is a critical success factor for you. We can help you achieve this goal, thanks to our free and easy-to-use turnkey self serve booking tool, Precision Targeter. It’s the solution real estate agents turn to when they want to narrow in on the most likely prospective buyers and sellers living in the neighbourhoods within which they operate. With its interactive maps and rich demographic data, it can filter searches from a choice of 14 demographic categories, such as age, income, education, marital status, home value, renting vs. home ownership. For agents, that means creating profiles that enable them to target potential clients like upsizers, downsizers, new Canadians, and millennials. Please click on the YouTube Videos below to learn more about Precision Targeter.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Here are some common questions:
  • How to do I Prepare Neighbourhood Mail? (Unaddressed mail)
  • To find out bundling requirements, size specifications, delivery date windows and how to prepare your mail. Please download content on the Smartmail Marketing Guide.
  • How to Send Personalized Mail (Addressed mail)
  • Canada Post Expert Partner One To One Mailing offers a turn-key solution and will apply your RE/MAX discounted rate. Please download content to learn more.
  • Canada Post Support Numbers

  • Contact our technical support help desk, available 24/7
  • 1-877-376-1212 Press 1- English Press 2- Business
  • For Customer Service regarding your mailing
  • 1-866-757-5480 Press 1- English Press 5- Commercial Products Press 3- Anything else Press 1- Have already mailed/addressed mailing
  • For Order Cancellation & Invoice Issues, call 1-800-267-7651 and have your SOM (statement of mailing for reference) IMPORTANT: You will be prompted to key in your customer number when you call any of the phone numbers above.
  • RE/MAX West agents, please reference customer number (7210435)

  • RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic agents, please reference customer number (7212295)