RE/MAX Exclusive: flat $300 shipping across the US + 5 Year Warranty for LEDs


Why us

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • BlinkSigns takes care of your signage needs even after installation with our 5-year warranty on LED parts and labor.
  • Flat $300 shipping rate
  • We offer flat $300 shipping rate to all RE/MAX offices.
  • Our Process
  • As a full service national sign company, BlinkSigns is up for this task. We’re structured to support both large and small businesses with any and all of their exterior signage needs.
  • Exterior Signs
  • Well designed and well placed exterior signs can help you convert your business location in cash by attracting more foot traffic and enhancing your brand image and outlook. Did you know that about 85% of your customers pass your business location once a month? How are you making sure you’re cashing in on that number?
  • Interior Signs
  • Does your office building need interior signs to identify rooms and important areas? Or does your hospitality business need interior signs that carry your branding’s integrity from the outside to the inside? High-quality interior signs help you do just that and more. Chose the perfect hospitality signs for your business.
  • Digital Signs
  • A good digital sign has three main functions: display the right information, attract new customers, and spruce up the brand image. Digital signs are a signage type that can achieve all these at the same time and more. If you’re looking for energy-efficient and a low-maintenance interior and exterior signs that are highly visible to pedestrians and passing vehicles, we’re here to help plan, design, fabricate, and install a variety of Digital corporate signs for you!