RE/MAX Affiliates receive a 25% discount on payroll processing services

Paychex, Inc.

Why us

  • HR Services
  • Our more than 600 HR professionals can help you navigate laws and regulations, evaluate risks, and adjust workplace policies to meet new challenges. HR Setup fees have a 15% discount!
  • Payroll Services
  • Employees working at home can have fast, easy access to payroll through direct deposit, our Pay-On-Demand solution, and our same-day ACH capability.
  • Online Timekeeping
  • Our time and attendance solutions enable employees working from home to clock in and report their time online, via any mobile device.
  • 401(k) Services
  • Payroll and 401(k) integration. Ongoing fund management. Range of investment options.
  • The Paychex Referral Network
  • Each of your first three referrals who become Paychex customers earns you invoice credit of $200 to $500 and your fourth referral that becomes a Paychex customer earns you free payroll for up to a year (up to $2,500)