Grow fast in the face of a changing real estate world with fully automated contact nurture flow and personalized home dashboards, for more listings and more long-term customer loyalty


Why us

  • Add more client value that becomes uniquely yours Kukun provides the most unique and compelling home and neighborhood insights in the industry. Once you sign up your contacts with Kukun, no other agent can sign them up. So Kukun’s unique value becomes your own, with your brand.
  • Weekly branded engagement
  • Your contacts will see irresistible information weekly, including what new construction projects are coming near them, which homes have gone into contract, and a bi-weekly home maintenance plan.
  • Serious home investment tools
  • Your contacts are automatically set up with a robust home dashboard, where they can dive deep into unique data and analytics for managing home value, exploring property conditions with PICO™, and increase home equity with the remodeling cost estimator.
  • Seamless integration, no conflict
  • Kukun pairs effortlessly with your website and includes direct links from the dashboard to your site, and to your trusted lender and insurer. Its additive to your current CRM and communications, no need to coordinate with your other activities.
  • Just sign up and forget it, Kukun does the rest
  • Kukun runs automatically, all you need to do is respond to client questions when they come in and check your client activity periodically to see who may be ready to sell.