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Follow Up Boss

Why us

    Open system and deep integrations
  • Draw from your favorite lead sources to create, manage, and enrich your own personalized client database within one single system.
  • FUB integrates with 250+ lead sources, website providers, and marketing systems, so you can choose what works for you.
  • A hub for everything
  • Once all your leads and tech tools are connected to FUB, it becomes your team’s command center. Run your entire day out of one platform.
  • Everything’s easily accessible within FUB, so even the least tech-savvy agent can get up to speed in no time and leverage the best tools.
  • Lead distribution
  • Automate and optimize lead distribution throughout your team based on your custom parameters.
  • Prioritize & automate follow up
  • Customize your own Action Plans and Automations to make sure every prospect gets the right the combination of personalized and automated follow up.
  • Use Smart Lists to identify your most important leads–the ones who are browsing your website, engaging with emails, or who simply are due for a regular check-in–and put them right in front of agents for immediate follow up.
  • Seamless communication
  • Engage your leads across communication channels out of one central hub, with all the outreach tools you need, like in-app calling, texting, and emailing. Create templates to make follow up faster and more consistent.
  • Total visibility
  • With your team and tools connected within one system, you can easily track everyone’s performance, measure ROI on your marketing, and identify growth opportunities.
  • In-app coaching
  • By commenting directly on agents’ work, you can deliver tailored coaching where your agents need it most.
  • Reporting & leaderboard
  • Customizable automated reports show you what’s working and what’s not, based on the criteria you set.
  • Determine where you’re getting the most value out of your agents and tools, and see whether your agents are accomplishing their goals – so you can steer your team toward success.
  • Built-in leaderboards allow you to share team performance and create a friendly competition to bring out the best in everyone.