Don’t be irrelevant and let the digital world pass you by!

Pivo Real Estate

Why us

  • Pivo is the award-winning AI-powered device that uses your smartphone to create all of an agent's digital and online content. With its computer vision and body tracking technology it is your personal cameraman. It is easy to use and one of the hottest tools in the real estate industry simplifying how agent's do video, social media, virtual open houses, 3D home tours, and live-streaming home previews. Agents across the country are killing it using Pivo to become the next viral online real estate expert in their market!
  • Fire Your Videographer
  • Pivo is like having your own camera crew in the palm of your hand saving agents thousands of dollars. Wherever you move, Pivo will follow using its AI-powered motion tracking. Easily create eye-catching video and content in seconds completely hands-free.
  • Digit Branding & Leads Without Spending Dime On Ads
  • Create all your branding videos and social media content fast and easy. No more worthless selfies, build credibility with professional-looking video content. Find out why this is the #1 lead generation method and how agents are reaping huge rewards getting unlimited leads
  • Your Social Media Sidekick
  • Agents conveniently carry their portable Pivo everywhere they go - in their purse, backpack, or briefcase. With a couple clicks of a button, Pivo will instantly post your content directly on any of your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat) for you.
  • FREE 3D Tours & Floorplans
  • We'll never nickel and dime agents. Pivo can 3D capture a room in less than 30 seconds and generate a virtual tour, dollhouse, and floorplan in minutes. Create unlimited 3D tours and fully measured schematic floorplans for FREE with ZERO monthly costs or subscriptions fees...ever. With NO hosting fee and unlimited storage space in the cloud, you can go wild!
  • Finally...Take Back Control of Your Time -
  • Stop wasting your time showing properties when you can live stream property previews to all of your potential buyers completely hands-free. Give yourself the market advantage by showing new homes the moment they come on the market saving your clients a ton of wasted drive time.
  • Connect and Impress -
  • Say goodbye to static listing presentations and trainings. Enjoy Auto Tracking while video conferencing on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and other third-party platforms. Strengthen connections during client meetings or even record your very own webinar.
  • Marketing that Converts
  • Captivate prospective clients with videos taken by Pivo. It’s easy to level up newsletters, eCards, social media posts, digital marketing pieces, and even your website.
  • RE/MAX Benefits and Discounts
  • RE/MAX Brokerages and Agents are eligible to get an additional % off on all Pivo Real Estate products. Just use corporate promo code REMAXPIVO at checkout.